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Air conditioning Cardiff

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration In Cardiff

Welcome to RM Plumbing & Electrical, we are fully qualified and registered installers of air conditioning and refrigeration in Cardiff. We install various types of systems including Panasonic air conditioning systems, Toshiba and Fujitsu. If you are looking to improve your home or business environment, we are here to help, whether you need your home, office, shops, hotels, and warehouse. we cover domestic and commercial premises. Whatever type of system you require, be it a split system or multi-split system, we can advise, plan, install and maintain your air conditioning system.

Air conditioning units are an excellent addition to a home or business and are essential for keeping homes and offices nice and cool in the summertime heat. There are many types of air conditioning systems and a split system air con unit is an affordable and efficient system that could be the perfect answer for your home or business.

A split air conditioning unit consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. On the inside, you will have a sleek modern looking unit that comprises of an air filter, a cooling coil, and a long blower. In the outside unit which will usually be fitted to or close to an exterior wall, there will be a compressor and condenser and expansion coils.

The good thing about a split system air conditioning unit is that it is very quiet. This is because the noisiest part of an air conditioning system is the compressor and the fan that cools the condenser and these are located outside the room that is being cooled. The other advantage of a split system is that it doesn’t require any ductwork. Both the external and internal units are connected by electrical wiring. This is why it is an affordable and very economical air conditioning system.

A multi-split air conditioning system is very similar to a split system in which it has the same advantages. Once again there is no ductwork to be done as it is all done with electrical wiring. The difference is that the outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor units to cool multiple rooms or offices. This means that you still get a nice quiet and efficient air conditioning system that is cost-efficient and will last for many years.
We have 100’s of genuine google reviews online that confirm our excellent quality of work, our customer care and excellent prices.
It’s a great way to make rooms like conservatories, kitchens, sunrooms, orangeries, offices, shops to be transformed to use all year round more comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter.
The units we use are energy efficient A or A++ systems to cool and heat places.
Air conditioning is not just good to have, It gives you fresh clean cold air and heating as well all from one unit.
As air conditioning for homes Vat is charged at only 5% as they are an energy-saving system product, Means for us to supply and install air conditioning heat pump equipment for homes you can save 15% compared to other heating system making it cheaper to run. As these units and systems are built around heat pump technology.
Air conditioning units come in all different sizes like slimline to fit into small places or ceiling unit to free up space.
We offer the following air condition services below:

  • Air Conditioning systems installation and fitting service
  • Air Conditioning systems maintenance and maintenance plans
  • Aif Conditioning systems servicing
  • Air Conditioning system repairs
  • Air Conditioning systems design and layout

Refrigeration system

When it comes to commercial refrigeration systems, we offer excellent service and reliability knowing you can call us to help, From installing Counter Chiller, Cold rooms, Ice machine, Counter freezer.
We offer the following services below:
  • Refrigeration systems installation and fitting service
  • Refrigeration systems maintenance and maintenance plans
  • Refrigeration systems servicing
  • Refrigeration systems repairs
  • Refrigerations systems design and layout
Air conditioning Cardiff

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