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Bathroom Fitters in Newport

RM Plumbing & Electrical are expert bathroom fitters in Newport and the surrounding areas. In fact we love them as it can have a huge positive effect on a family home when done correctly. Bathroom installations definitely add that touch of something special. If you’re like us, then nothing quite beats that feeling of slipping into a hot bath or standing under the shower to wash away the cares of the day. If you can do that in a great environment then it just adds to the pleasure!

As your main Bathroom fitters in Newport and the surrounding areas, If you are currently considering reworking your bathroom then we can help you realise the full potential of your current room based on your working budget. Even if you’re considering a total overhaul on your current room or installation of a second, then here at RM Plumbing & Electrical we can definitely steer you in the right direction. We know that deciding what you want from your future bathroom installation can be a challenging process and translating your thinking into actual solutions is one of our core strengths. Rest assured, if you can see it in your mind then we can help to deliver it and can guide you along the journey from visualisation to reality. From initial design stages to final completion, our experienced and professional local Newport based advice will see you through.

As qualified expert bathroom fitters, we understand what’s needed to deliver the best quality bath or shower experience or the best results within a limited budget. When it comes to bathrooms and wetrooms installation costs, we know what works to make the most of your working budget and deliver a complete service. Our high standards and quality assurance apply to the most expensive or smallest maintenance, repair, remodelling or fitting work. Believe us, we now that the prospect of work can prove daunting which is why we’ve put together our top tips for making the right choices for your new or remodelled bathroom. You can find them at the bottom of the page.


Bathroom Installations In Newport Are Our Speciality

In the meantime, to give you an idea of what options there might be for your bathroom installation project, we’ve summarised some of the possibilities from our current types of Cardiff  bathroom installations and fitting plans.

Our premium fitting service combines both luxury and beauty to deliver a quality installation. Starting with our help in designing your project, our expert bathroom fitters in Cardiff aim to deliver a premiere standard bathroom or shower room that is great to look at and highly functional. The key factors in choosing a great bathroom installation at the mid to top of the range are style and performance. Ad a result, these installation or refresh projects use top quality branded products and high-quality tiling made from materials such as porcelain or natural stone. Quality combined with beauty is our goal.

Your choices of sanitary ware, tiles, storage and other top brand fitments can be sourced and approved with samples provided if wanted. A comprehensively assembled quotation for work, fittings and fixtures will be provided, along with an estimated timescale for the scope of the work.

As an alternative, you have the option to find and supply your own materials if you a more hands-on approach to your bathing area fitting project is wanted. In either case, you can rest assured that your goals and requirements will be our top priority with the goal of delivering a luxurious bathing area while still providing you with value for money.

“Wanting a top-quality Bathroom redesign and actually making it happen scared us to death. RM Plumbing & Electrical were fantastically reassuring and produced a brilliant solution. If anything, it exceeded our expectations” – Sandy

Luxury Or Budget Wet Rooms

We can design and install quality wet rooms into all most any area of your house in line with your anticipated budget. When fitting there is usually a lot of preparation involved to make sure everything is fully waterproofed and tested before the tiling stage of the job. We are experienced in a broad range of Wet Room project work around the Newport area and can accommodate standard or bespoke wet room projects in line with your personal taste and vision.

Low-cost Bathrooms

We have a great deal of experience as bathroom fitters in Newport and surrounding areas so we are well placed to advise on affordable options whatever your budget range. A low-cost solution from our range of cost-effective options is a replacement suite using quality but lower costing sanitary ware and involving minimal remodelling. We always give free consultations and a package price can be provided for supply and fit or fit only, along with a free emailed or written quotation on request. This option offers a great, practical, functional and clean looking option for those on a more restricted budget. As with all our Newport bathroom installations, our work is carried out to the highest of standards and is fully guaranteed and insured. Looking to change it up a little? Why not contact us for help in discussing bathroom makeovers on a tight budget or, if applicable, bathroom designs for small spaces.

Waterproof and Decorative Tiling

Our bathroom tiling service is second to none in the Newport area and we have a vast amount of expertise working with different and luxurious tile materials such as Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Natural stone and Granite. To get the best finish before tiling you have to take great care with the preparation stage such as checking sub floors and priming surfaces ready to be tiled. We can create many features within the walls themselves by using mosaics or by simply changing the colour of a tile to laying your tiles in a staggered effect or creating borders to break the colours up. If you are looking for bathroom tiling ideas, we can talk you through and illustrate some of the most popular. You can further prepare by visiting the Bathroom Manufacturers Association for background reading before making a decision.

Shower Panels

We have plenty of experience in fitting shower panels and these are a great alternative to tiles. These shower panels such as “Multipanel” or “Selkie” are high-quality waterproof wall panels. Gone are the days of cleaning grout. These wall panels have a high life expectancy, are easy to clean and also come in a range of designs and styles for you to choose from. If you are interested and would like more information or recommendations please contact us directly and we also carry a range of samples available for viewing.

Budget for possible surprises with your Bathroom Fitting

Unrecognised damage from water leakage is a common issue with bathrooms, whether from a leaking shower tray or toilet leak. Build in a 10-15 percent margin into your budget for a project. If you don’t use it then there’s a little extra for other things.

Hide the toilet

We recommend that, where possible, this particular fixture should be concealed by a smaller room partition or half-wall. If not cost-effective then a furniture piece will often provide a solution.

Spend Time choosing appropriate surfaces

Besides a range of costs and appearance, your surfaces will take some abuse over the lifetime of the room. Time spent choosing the right size, type and material of tile for your surfaces is rarely wasted.

Go large on the shower

If a shower features in your thinking then don’t hold back. Our clients around Newport often comment on the pleasure of a shower and we are finding a growing interest in top line shower products, his and her showers and power shower installations.

Consider water efficiency

An efficient installation can save a substantial amount for a typical family of four across a year is on metered water supplies.  The design of showerheads, taps and toilets contribute substantially to water saving when viewed over an extended period. Discuss this with us if you’d like to know more.

Provide adequate ventilation and light

Make sure you don’t overlook the importance of good ventilation and lighting to a quality design. Ventilation is important to prevent mould and mildew on or behind your units and surfaces. Lighting needs proper consideration to ensure the key areas of the room such as toilet, shower and bath approach have adequate illumination. We can advise if requested.

Don’t rush

Make sure you spend adequate time on the planning process for your Cardiff bathroom installation. Many clients are tempted to rush headlong into a redesign for their new or reworked bath area. In this case patience (and good guidance) is a virtue.

Don’t skimp on skilled tradesmen

Tempting as it may be to tackle at least part of your work in a DIY fashion, make sure you leave complicated designs and requirements to professionals like ourselves. We would say that wouldn’t we but, be assured, we have had to rescue many installation projects where the DIY enthusiast has come unstuck.

Don’t cut corners on key materials

Strangely potential customers often try to make savings in areas that get the highest use. Avoid the temptation and, if needed, look to make savings in areas such as light fixtures and basic tap finishes and other fixtures are the places to look.

Don’t forget water use

Don’t underestimate the quantities of water you and the family are likely to use, especially with multiple head showers, whirlpool baths and similar.  This may lead to higher water charges but also your general use of energy will go up and the thickness of delivery pipes may be inadequate.

Don’t buy products without seeing them in person

The web is fantastic for checking out bathroom products and ideas but products, in reality, aren’t always as they appear online. Dimensions and finishes are particularly prone to misinterpretation when viewed online and compared with the actual product. We always recommend visiting a showroom before embarking on a project to get a real feel for the ranges of products available.

Don’t forget about storage

Often overlooked, a good and well laid out storage element is an essential part of the modern, quality Cardiff bathroom installation. Don’t be caught without that towel or groping for a robe when stumbling out of the shower.