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Boiler Installations Cardiff

RM Plumbing & Electrical have a wealth of experience which make us the number one choice for boiler fitters in Cardiff. Gas boiler installations lie at the very heart of the modern home. We recognise that the very backbone of the home is the heating system and we have made a specialty of Cardiff boiler heating systems installation. Along with support services such as boiler heating systems troubleshooting, repair, servicing, maintenance and energy-saving advice, we offer the total Boiler fitting and maintenance package.

Boiler Installations Cardiff

As the premier company known for our expert boiler fitters in Cardiff, we offer and install the most efficient Gas boiler central heating systems available in today’s market at any given price point. Our combi Gas boilers for home heating prices are among the most competitive in the Cardiff area and are complemented by our emergency boiler repair service just in case.

Though we say it ourselves, our Gas-safe and OFTEC-registered boiler fitters in Cardiff are among the best and this is reflected in the very satisfying feedback we receive from our Cardiff customers.

So, if you’re considering a new Gas boiler installation or upgrade in your Cardiff home then we can help with advice and solid project management to deliver the best and most efficient installation, with full documentation, to you at your home.

You may be asking yourself what the options are and what types of boiler heating system are available.  Our handy guide below will give you some idea of the different types of Gas systems available.

“Excellent professional service AA*****. RM Plumbing installed a new boiler for me. They provided an excellent professional service from start to finish. Even calling after the installation to check everything was okay!” – Lloyd Williams

The Gas Boiler Basics You Should Know

As expert boiler fitters in Cardiff, we know that in the UK with our climate, the boiler system in a property is one of the really essential components of a safe and comfortable property. However, we find from our customers that knowledge of different boiler types and pros and cons of each isn’t well understood.  Here then is our brief guide to the main types of hot-water boiler.

The most popular boiler is the condensing boiler and this is by far the most common type of installation found in Cardiff housing (although there are different examples (such as Glow-worm for example). These are very energy-efficient in operation and able to release usable (rather than lose) 90% of their generated heat.  There are a couple of common types;

Combi Boilers

These units provide both hot and cold water. Because of this combination of hot and cold features, these systems are very affordable and relatively straightforward to install. The downside is lower pressure and generally only sustainably good pressure through a single tap or faucet at a time. Again, this varies according to make and model (and cost). We can advise if required, please ask when you contact us.


The systems provide hot water only with cold water tanked and delivered separately. This approach resolves the problem with pressure encountered by combi boilers but these systems are generally larger and less efficient.

Further Considerations

As you can see, there are a number of options for different types of Cardiff boiler installations. In our experience of being expert boiler fitters in Cardiff, if you are thinking of an installation or replacement we recommend considering;

  • What space is available and where
  • Do you have Gas into the property
  • What is the size of your property
  • Might local planning permission be required from Cardiff area authorities?
  • How practical is a fuel supplier (Oil, wood) in your area if thinking about an Oil or Biomass boilers


Considering A New, Modern Cardiff Boiler Installation? – Let Our Experts Help Advise On Choices And  Costs


Our Top Tips To Consider When Having A New Boiler Installation

If you feel your heating system is old and outdated, then you should consider replacing the boiler with a new one. Many people prefer to repair the boiler instead of replacing it thinking this will save money. However, replacement of this unit can be a good long-term investment and save money overall. Of course, there are several other considerations to take into account before making a final decision on having a boiler installed. Here are the key areas we suggest you focus on when considering having a new installation fitted.

It is important to understand that keeping up to date with technology can be a good means of saving money. In the case of Gas boiler fitting in Cardiff, this means that new versions are far more efficient than older systems. In fact, statistics indicated that older systems operate at approximately 60% less efficiency when compared to the new technology. It is seen that newer boiler units can operate at 80-90% efficiency; thereby, increasing energy efficiency and saving money on energy expenses.

The method whereby the latest boiler system technology is more energy efficient revolves around the manner in which it operates. Unlike older systems, new systems use the steam provided by heated water and reuse the energy instead of leaving it to escape. This means that less water is used or wasted and the water only heats when required.

Another tip to consider for money saving on a replacement is to ensure that new boiler systems use updated thermostat controls. Updated thermostat control allows for simpler regulation of temperature ensuring that no heat is being wasted by having the water hotter than it is.

There are various models of heating systems currently available on the market; therefore, it is important you obtain the correct advice from an experienced and qualified boiler fitter in Cardiff as to which is most suited for your needs. The suitable type will be dependent on the boiler location in your house as there are regulations that need to be considered. The regulations for installation can be identified and assessed using a trained engineer, and it is recommended you use a professional’s service before making a final decision about boiler installation.

Don’t allow yourself to be put off by the price of having new boiler installations fitted as there may be local grants available dependent on your residential location. This is because certain local authorities encourage greener living which could result in you paying a fraction of what you think. Be sure to research greener initiatives when searching for a boiler installation to see if you qualify for benefits.